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The Quay Brixham Devon
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Golden Hind Museum Ship

Situated alongside the main Quay, is the unique, unmistakable, Museum Ship Golden Hind - a replica of the flagship of Sir. Francis Drake
The Golden Hind Ship, classically remembered as a ship captured by Frances Drake and on which he was knighted by Elizabeth I on 4th April 1581, had been reconstructed and sits open to the public every day in Brixham Harbour. A visit to the Golden Hind (originally called the Pelican, but renamed by Drake) offers a intriguing insight into live on board a ship in the 16th century. It's very popular with school trips and with children, offering a 'come alive' educational angle.
It's hard to imagine the gravity of circumnavigating the world, and the hero status brought upon Sir Frances Drake for achieving it, in this day and age. But perhaps a trip to this ship helps to imagine just that, and the skill and achievement involved in it without the aide of steam power and so forth. Drake's navigation of the Magellan Straits is now considerably well mythologised in the history lessons. Those interested in finding out more about the Elizabethan period, Sir Frances Drake's many successful voyages returning home with bounty taken from many a Spanish ship, and the part Drake played in establishing trade lines with the Far East and India - will not be disappointed by a visit to the reconstructed Golden Hind. There's much a plenty going on for the kids as well, with the usual pirate exploits.
Moving away from the focus of Frances Drake, the Spanish Armada and Elizabeth I, perhaps the most fascinating aspect of this floating museum is the indepth exploration of life on board a ship such as this in the 16th century for the average sailor. Exhibits expose that many sailors of the period had often not been outside their own village before setting sail. The reasonable pay offered was a key attraction in the period for joining a crew. Find out just how hard life was for these sailors at the Golden Hind Museum. Scurvy was of course one of the biggest killer diseases, a difficiency in Vitamin C. A rather grusome death would ensue, first with listlessness, then the development of foul boils, swelling gums and teeth dropping out. Sailors only had one set of clothes and did not wash throughout the journey. This museum explores aspects like personal hygiene and disease, and takes time to reflect on the hardship of the average sailor, giving it a critical edge. Well worth a family visit.

The Golden Hind reconstruction/museum is open every day of the week in Brixham Harbour.

Opening hours vary, check the Golden Hind web link for details, but on the whole are from 9am to 6pm.

The ship is open during the months of March to October,but educational viewing & visits may be available outside the normal months.

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